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We offer a driver’s training program for new drivers. All of our packages include 30-hours of online training and a minimum of 6-hours of driving instruction in one of our vehicles. At the conclusion of the program, we also offer a driving test that enables the student to avoid taking a driving test with a BMV examiner. We also offer by-the-hour driver training, driving without the online course, and the online course as a standalone service.

Packages start $415 is the total cost. $200 is due upon sign up and the remaining balance is due no later than the first scheduled drive session. Students will not be able to finish the course nor schedule drive times unless the balance is paid in full. You can view all of our pricing & packages here.

​Enrolling is quick and easy.  You can enroll by clicking here.

Yes. In order to be licensed in Indiana all instructors must complete a physical and a fingerprint-based background check every two years.

Yes, just mention this when you let us know you are ready.
In most cases, you will complete all of your lessons with the same instructor.  Extenuating circumstances occasionally do cause us to change your instructor, but it is uncommon.

All drives will be completed using our vehicles. Our vehicles are fully insured, have a dual control brake system, and are inspected by the BMV.

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The State of Indiana limits a student to 3-hours of instruction per day.  So, the quickest a student could complete the online training is 10-days.

​As soon as you get your Learner’s Permit, you are eligible to begin drving with an instructor.  However, in order to get the most value out of the 6-hours, we do recommend that you log some practice hours with a parent/guardian to learn the basics.  If you are ready to start driving with an instructor just click here to let us know.

BMV regulations only allow students to complete a single two-hour drive each calendar day.

This is highly dependent on scheduling availability.  Because we are limited to one hour per day, the 6-hours can typically be completed in 2-3 weeks.  In many cases, we can accommodate a student that needs to accelerate this process.  Just let us know at the time you notify us that you are ready to start the driving portion of the program.

Once a student has completed their 30-hours of online training they will get a Completion Form online. Once they complete their 6-hours of behind-the-wheel training with an instructor, they are able to receive their Completion of Driver Training Course Permit. Our practice is to secure the form upon the student needing it for their driving test with either Advanced Driving School or the local BMV. If a student is conducting the driving test at the BMV, we simply will need to be notified a few days in advance so the original Completion Form can be e-mailed to you it in time for your scheduled driving test. If the student will take the test through us, then we will simply provide the Completion Form with our signature and stamp of approval upon passing the Skills Waiver Driver Test immediately following the test.

Students can get a Learner’s Permit at 15 years old if they have registered for a state approved Driver’s Educations program that includes a minimum of 30-hours of online/classroom training and 6-hours of behind-the-wheel driving instruction.

​If getting a Learner’s Permit, you must first be enrolled in a state licensed Driver’s Education program that includes a minimum of 30-hours of online/classroom training and 6-hours of behind the wheel training. Once enrolled you will need a Certificate of Driver Education Form (CDE Form). You may print this from your online account here. At the BMV you will need to:

For more general information on obtaining a Learner’s Permit, visit the BMV website here.

​Yes, all individuals wishing to obtain a Learner’s Permit must take a 50-question multiple choice Knowledge Exam at the BMV. This test is NOT retaken when getting a Driver’s License.  In the event that a student does not score above 80%, they may retake the Knowledge Exam the next day.  A vision screening is also required.

First, complete the 30-hours of online training that is part of our Driver’s Education course.

Online Training

Second, review the Driver’s Manual provided by the the BMV.

Driver’s Manual

Third, take a practice exam provided by the BMV.

Practice Test

​A parent/guardian may drive with a student as soon as they have a Learner’s Permit.  This practice time should be recorded becuase prior to obtaining a Driver’s License, a student must log 50 hours of supervised driving.  A minimum of 10-hours must be a night.  The log must be documented on State Form 54706.  This form can be printed from the link below.

Practice Log

You can only drive with your legal parent, guardian or relative age 25 older.  You may also drive with a state licensed driving instructor.  They must be sitting in the front seat with their Driver’s License in their possession.

Students are eligible to take the Driving Skills Test once they are age eligible to receive their driver’s license.

​Young drivers who have not completed Driver’s Education are 75% more likely to get a traffic ticket, 24% more likely to be involved in a fatal or injury accident and 16% more likely to have an accident according to a study at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and published in the journal Accident Analysis and Prevention.  Driver’s Ed student may save money with their insurance.  If a new driver has successfully completed a Driver’s Education program, please call your insurance provider for specific details. Also you are able to obtain your license at 16 years and 90 days rather than waiting until 16 years and 270 days.

​Usually, automotive insurance companies offer discounts for taking Driver’s Ed or other driver safety programs.  For low-cost insurers, it’s typically 5-10% and for full-services insurers it can be as much as 20%.  You will need to consult with your insurance agent for the details on your specific policy.  According to WalletHub, the average cost of full coverage automobile insurance for a 16 year old is $7000, so a 5% savings almost covers the entire cost of enrollment in a Driver’s Education program in the first year of driving.

BMV is the acronym for the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.  They govern all activity related to driving and drivers training.  You can find out more about the BMV below:

BMV Info

BMV Locations

​Certificate of Driver’s Education Enrollment (State Form 37358).  This document is required to prove enrollment in a state licensed Driver’s Education program.  It is a required document that must be presented at the BMV when a student is obtaining their Learner’s Permit.  You can find your CDE at the bottom of the Account Information page of your online account.

​This is also known as a Driving Test. Approved driving schools are able to adminster a Skills Waiver Test upon completion of a Driver’s Training Program.  This enables the student to bypass taking a Driving Test with an examiner at the BMV.  This is an optional step and requires a small fee.

This allows a student to drive with an instructor or a parent/guardian.  It is available at age 15 if you are enrolled in an approved Driver’s Training Program.  Otherwise, it is available at age 16.

This allows a student to drive on their own.  There is an initial probationary period that contains restrictions on when a new driver is permitted to drive and who they may have in the vehicle while driving.

Probationary Restrictions

We take the safety of our students and instructors very seriously. When conditions are poor or are expected to be poor (snow, ice, extreme cold, or other severe weather conditions) we are likely to cancel scheduled driving lessons. Because we do not want students to get caught in the middle of a dangerous driving situation, we will likely cancel scheduled driving lessons in advance, though it is unlikely to be more than 24 hours prior to the scheduled time. You can expect your instructor to be in touch directly to notify you of the cancellation and to reschedule your driving lesson.

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